1. An Antique of Paper & Distance combines muted, beat-oriented tracks with single-instrument pieces that straddle the lines of cinema and the living room. In contrast to past work, where Honig can cement in city life and its accompanying sounds, this release feels more scaled down to barer elements while remaining consistent with his embrace of the tactile nature of the sound sources and the.
  2. "As soon as you begin to listen to this album, the title - 'Folding in on itself' slowly begins to unravel its meaning, where the outside world and the inner studio sanctuary, are stitched together with catgut and silk. The universal sounds of a living city .
  3. From the aching piano on 'Drafting Foresight' to the moaned guitar lines of 'High & Low', Folding In On Itself is laden with this sense of loss and regret. Time passes and damages, and beauty hurts. If at times the album is almost suffocatingly maudlin, Honig's light touch and elusive approach mean it never becomes overbearing for long.
  4. Ezekiel Honig - More Human Than Human (Soultek's Got Too Much Soul Mix) Material Wrinkle by Ezekiel Honig - Topic. Folding Us In On Itself by Ezekiel Honig - Topic.
  5. Instantly get everything Ezekiel Honig makes, and then some. Get all the new music I release, plus 15 items from my back-catalog, subscriber-only specials, and exclusive access to my fan community.
  6. unfoundsound is pleased to offer a deep and soothing ep from nyc's ezekiel honig--plus a reverb-happy dancefloor killer courtesy of foundsound/unfoundsound co-founder someone else. ezekiel furnishes your gushing heart with three original minimal tracks that are soft, atmospheric and emotively warm--gently doused with the snipping, clicking and clattering of found sounds of everyday life. also.
  7. Third full-length album on the Microcosm label from this Electronic artist from New York City. This album takes it's inspiration from Michel de Certeau's book The Everyday Life (originally published in ) which examines how individuals transform and personalize elements of mass culture. Stream Scattered Practices by Ezekiel Honig and 4/5(1).

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