1. Download The Untold Stories records music label songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. The Untold Stories.
  2. The Untold Stories Chapter V - Va (2 x 12) - Jerome C - An intelligible scrawl / Pheek - Chaos Befriended / Volta Cab - Street Knowledge / Jarz Polors - Dvsy / MD Wallholz - Ein bisschen Ruhe: The Untold Stories, UNTLDSTORIES Label: The Untold Stories. Catalogue number: UNTLDSTORIES Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by The Untold Stories Chapter V - Va (2 x .
  3. Jun 11,  · Street Knowledge links up with OGMedia to bring you this visual for his single "Hit" From Street's new album Kill Yaself Link for Kill Yaself https://itunes.
  4. The Untold Stories offer up their next double pack collection on their trademark transparent yellow and black vinyl. For Chapter V they welcome some new artists into the label with Jerome C, Jarz=Polors, Volta Cab, and MD Wallholz, all featuring for the first time.
  5. It’s the knowledge/wisdom that comes from the streets, with the act of experiencing things outside your bubble. One must walk, alone or with somebody, to know the extent of reality. A man must not only be wise, but know how things work in practical means.
  6. Chapter I The Blue Death Chapter II Plague in the City of Angels Chapter IV The "Philly Killer" Chapter V Legionnaires' Redux Chapter VI Aids in America, Aids in Africa Chapter VII Sars: "Super Spreader" Chapter VIII Ebola at the Borders Chapter IX Z is for Zika Epilogue: The Pandemic Century
  7. Its' various EPs and compilations feature tracks that have been doing the business in the sets of label chiefs Dixon and Ame, some of which have never previously been released. The Untold Stories Chapter V. The Untold Stories. Cat: UNTLDSTORIES Rel: 21 Nov while Volta Cab nods to a classic Tobias jam with "Street Knowledge". MD.

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