1. Military Police of the Vietnam War. Kenneth f Air force. Military Insignia Juventus Logo Vector Graphics Planes Aviation Appreciation Shirt Designs Patches Ships. Check out this awesome 'th+Aviation+Bn+-+Combat+wo+Txt' design on @TeePublic! Jerry .
  2. Jun 28,  · Police prepare and organize to address protesters May 29 in Minneapolis. Police across the country have used gear better suited for the military in response to protests.
  3. Transfers of military gear to police departments — from $, armored cars designed to survive mines to night vision equipment to the backpacks soldiers take into combat — ballooned in Author: Dave Ress.
  4. The current transformation of police officers into militarized troops has its roots in the National Defense Authorization Act of , which allowed the U.S. military to support civilian law.
  5. If the American military is ill-suited for policing work, the converse is equally true — American police are ill-suited for militarization. The juxtaposition of a military mindset with the prerequisite notions of justice and due process required to maintain civil society invariably results in inherent incompatibilities resulting in criminal actions on the part of those ostensibly responsible for policing.
  6. According to Sjursen, “military-style of policing is based on notion that high-crime areas should be treated like occupied countries.” So the “military-to-police pipeline” increases the chances “that a guy comes back to Baltimore, Camden, or Detroit and functions the same way we did when occupying Kabul or .
  7. Jun 25,  · In many ways, “War and Peace” was meant as a corrective to popular histories and fictions about war that glorified battle; Tolstoy instead showed war as disorienting, chaotic and humbling.
  8. Jun 27,  · “A soldier is reasoning agent,” a military court explained in the case U.S. v. Kinder, in which a soldier who killed a civilian was convicted of murder on the grounds that his superior’s order to do so was obviously illegal and should have been reported. “It is a fallacy of widespread consumption that a soldier is required to do everything a superior officers tells him to do.

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