1. Learning a new skill is an excellent way to strengthen your brain’s memory capacity. There are many activities to choose from, but most importantly, you’ll need to find something that forces you Author: Jacquelyn Cafasso.
  2. Depending on how severe the hit to your head was, the memory issues might go away or be permanent. Strokes A stroke happens when a blockage or weak area in a blood vessel cuts off blood flow to.
  3. Apr 30,  · To make a memory book, pick a theme, like a book all about your family, your wedding, or a vacation you took. On each page of the book, tape or glue a photograph or another item that ties into your theme, along with a written explanation for why that item is significant.
  4. Make your working memory work for you. Working memory refers to the memory you can consciously hold in your mind at any one instant—such as a phone number you just looked up. Most people can.
  5. Apr 19,  · Many medical problems can cause memory loss or other dementia-like symptoms. Most of these conditions can be treated. Your doctor can screen you for conditions that cause reversible memory impairment. Possible causes of reversible memory loss include: Medications. Certain medications or a combination of medications can cause forgetfulness or.
  6. Find a simple mason jar and then use the free printable to decorate it with. If you wish, you can add a nice ribbon around the jar, but you can make this as decorative or as simple as you wish. Using some small sticky notes, write down memorable things as they happen during the .
  7. Jan 19,  · It’s just one memory, not your reality. We want to discover new insights: Rehashing the most painful experience of your life, won’t make you wiser. .
  8. For the Record: Take time to sit down with your loved ones and make audio and/or video recordings. Get them talking about stories they remember from childhood, their favorite foods, activities or songs, funny and embarrassing moments—all those little details that add up to who they are and should be remember when they are gone.

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