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  2. from pillar to post From one thing or place to another, hither and thither. For example, After Kevin joined the Air Force, the family kept moving from pillar to post. This expression began life in the early s as from post to pillar, an order no longer used, and is thought to allude to the banging about of a ball in the game of court tennis.
  3. LibriVox recording of From Pillar to Post by John Kendrick Bangs. Read in English by volunteer readers. I could not let these random notes of a delightful experience go forth into the world without expressing in some way my deep appreciation of the valued services rendered me in my ten years of platform work by my friends of the Lyceum Bureaus.
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  5. from pillar to post Idioms have been pushed from pillar to post in linguistic theory. From Cambridge English Corpus The more they are chivvied from pillar to post, the greater the sense of isolation, and the greater the nuisance they become.
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