1. Feb 02,  · Our FIRST Leno interview, 22 years ago by 60 Minutes. Emmett Till Case at "60 Minutes" CBS Part 2 by Mamie Till Mobley. JFK's Inaugural Address 50 Years Later by CBS .
  2. Jun 28,  · Dr. Patricia Hibberd: Over the years there have been so many studies of various probiotics saying "it's good for this." The next study says, "it's not good for this." And truly, it's chaos.
  3. Each week this season 60 Minutes ends with a short clip from a classic 60 Minutes story. Senior producer Frank Devine, who has been with the broadcast for 28 years, finds these weekly moments.
  4. You must be a CBS All Access subscriber to enjoy this video. Try It FREE. September 24, The first 60 Minutes. Player Feedback. Use the form below to send us your comments. If you are experiencing problems, please describe them. SUBMIT. Player Help | All Access Help. S50 "It’s a kind of a magazine for television," Harry Reasoner.
  5. September 24, marked the beginning of the 50th year of the venerated news magazine, 60 Minutes (). With nearly 1, episodes and awards, the show seems poised to run indefinitely. Oprah Winfrey is joining 60 Minutes as a special correspondent for this historic season.
  6. Anderson Cooper profiles artist Mark Bradford, who tackles complex social and political issues through abstract works; Then, 60 Minutes travels to Italy to meet Chef Massimo Bottura, whose kitchen creations are works of art; And, inside Lalibela, the mysterious holy site visited by , Ethiopian Christians on their annual pilgrimage.
  7. Looking back at 50 years of 60 Minutes, it's worth noting that the longest running broadcast in prime time television history was created by a man with a notoriously short attention span.
  8. 60 Minutes is an American news magazine television program broadcast on the CBS television network. Debuting in , the program was created by Don Hewitt.
  9. Jun 01,  · A December promo spot for "60 Minutes" featuring Mike Wallace announcing the arrival of Dan Rather to the team CBS promo 60 Minutes robatsea Short Film Recommended.

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