1. Iggy Pop - Drink New Blood Lyrics. Blood Stupid is stupid Dumb is dumb Bloody is bloody Cum is cum Fake is fake A dick is a dick You're a target in the new demographi. Iggy Pop - Beat 'Em Up Album Lyrics; 1. Beat 'Em Up: 2. Death Is Certain: 3. Drink New Blood: 4. Football: 5. Go For The Throat: 6. Howl: 7. It's All Shit: 8. L.O.S.T. 9.
  2. Mask submit L.O.S.T submit Howl submit Talking Snake submit The Jerk submit Death Is Certain submit Go For The Throat submit Weasels submit Drink New Blood submit Ugliness submit You are viewing Iggy Pop Chords in the album Beat em Up More Albums.
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  4. Love it or hate it, Beat Em Up is inarguably one of the most appropriate titles Iggy Pop attached to an album in years; after an ill-advised detour into something resembling jazz on 's Avenue B, Iggy shifted gears again and served up his most physically punishing album since American Caesar in Beat Em Up starts out promisingly enough with "Mask," a hyperinsistent three-chord blast.
  5. The new Iggy Pop album is just incredibly good. This is the work of a year-old --nobody does this at 55, or however old Iggy is. I don't know why this surprises me- Iggy has enough to be angry at, but BEAT `EM UP is really raw. It isn't like anything he's done since his Stooges days.
  6. Not only did Iggy inspire and influence bands such as the Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Black Flag, Green Day, and Marilyn Manson but on Beat Em Up he outshines all of his proteges in a big way. Beat Em Up is loud, nasty, vulgar, and it has strong melodies, catchy hooks and buzz saw guitar riffs that make it a classic for a new era of young punks and.
  7. Iggy Pop song lyrics for album Beat Em Up. Tracks: Mask, L.O.S.T., Howl, Foot Ball, Savior, Beat Em Up, Talking Snake, The Jerk, Death Is Certain, Go for the Throat, Weasels, Drink New Blood, It's All Sh*t, Ugliness, V.I.P. but they ain't got no motherfuckin' balls. You see the cocksuckers on MTV, And they ain't even got a good CD. Ugliness.

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